Hi!  Welcome to my new blog, and associated YouTube channel!

I've started this blog as a way to share our journey toward making our house, into a smart home.  My partner and I recently bought our first house.  This was both stresfull and exciting! It's also a relief now that we've moved in.  We can finally start to think about ways to make this home 'ours'.

For me, one of the things I really want to do is install smart, connected technology in our home.  That means smart lighting, smart heating, security, entertainment and more. Our home hasn't been designed as a Smart Home however.  Like most houses out there, all the 'components' like lighting & heating are fairly standard.

I've noticed on TV, you'll occasionally see technology programs show off incredible smart homes that have been built from the ground up to integrate technology deeply into the building.  Touch panel controls in the walls.  All the wiring and connectivity.  Total automation.  Most of us don't have that though, most of us just have a 'normal' home.

That means for most people -myself included- making our house 'smart' means retrofitting.  Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to do this, and indeed most smart home technology is designed for exactly this purpose.  Manufacturers know we don't want to rip our houses apart to do this!

However there are lots of questions.  How well does the technology work? Is it easy to use? Is itreliable, and will it stay reliable over time as I expand the system and add more components? How well does the technology work when we integrate different systems together? What's it like to live with? Does it make the 'home living' experience better in a meaningful way?

I'm not part of a news or review site, and I certainly don't have the cash to transform our house into a smart home overnight.  I also don't have the resources to do lots of comparisons of different systems.  What I can do however, is pick a system, run with it, and -over time- share with you how it works.  In this regard I hope the site will become a long, long term revierw of smart home technology.  In the fullness of time I do hope to compare alternative systems and approaches, but at the outset, I'll have tio pick a system and run with it.

I also hope to do a certain amount of 'reliability scoring'.  So, we'll keep track of any problems, and then try to come up with a way to review this on a periodic basis.  We all know that sometimes technology just has to be turned off and on again to make it work properly again.  Is t hat the sort of thing we might have to put up with in a Smart Home? For your lights? Your heating?  Some people might be put off by that thought.  Not me!  However, I'll certainly share with you the reality of a Smart Home as I experience it.

I've setup a page dedicated to 'The Plan' - which outlines more on what I hope to acheive in our house.  I'm planning to start with Smart Lighting, and then move on to other areas, possibly security next.  It's going to take time, but I'll share the experiences through YouTube videos and blog posts.

Remember to subscribe to the YouTube channel, and follow me on twitter!  You can also get a feed of the blog from the home page.

I hope you'll follow along with this process and be inspired to make your own home smart!