Philips Hue Post-Setup quick thoughts

Following Part 1 and Part 2 of my Philips Hue Unboxing & Setup, I thought I'd share some quick thoughts.  This isn't a full 'review' of how I'm finding it so far, nor even a 'first impressions' write-up. Instead, just a few thoughts on the process.

Very easy setup. This was inline with the experience you'd want from a system that's supposed to be as easy as changing a bulb.  Obviously there's a few extra steps to go through.  However, none of this requires you be technically minded.

Very easy to use. Using the app is simple.  The flexibility and sophistication of smart lighting seems fairly easy to use and well presented.  I've not explored all the features yet, and there are a few things missing.  I can't find where you setup movie & music sync for example. However what is there, works well, and is easy.

Light Switch is a must. Already I can tell that getting a wireless light switch (the Hue 'Tap' Switch) was a good move.  It's just a good idea to have a real, physical device to hand that can be used to quickly change scenes or turn the lights on & off.

I'll have more soon after I've experienced a bit more of how Philips Hue works.