Sonos User Interface Tour

In this article I have a quick review of the Sonos app user interface.  I'll explain the basics of playing music, the various different types of music service you can access, and explore a few other features.

The Sonos app is a fairly straightforward system to get to grips with.  That's a very positive thing.  As mentioned in my article Sonos Setup, the idea is for everything else to get out of the way, leaving you free to enjoy your music.

Before you can do this though, you've got to actually get your music to your speakers.  Remember, the speakers themselves are pulling the music down from the various services and sources you have.  This is distinct from the approach of your phone pushing a music stream, as would be the case with Bluetooth.

As such, you need to add your music sources and services.  Some are pre-configured, others need to be added. Here's a brief overview;

Music Streaming Services: Streaming services like Spotify, Last.FM, Pandora and others can be added and accessed via the hamburger menu.  If an account is required, you will need to sign up or sign-in as appropriate.  If you're a subscriber to these services you should be able to access most premium features. Be warned though, with the exception of Spotify, you'll be accessing your music from inside Sonos, not the native app.  As such, there may be times when some features aren't available.

Music Locker Services: Some services let you store your existing music collection in a cloud storage location, and then access that music via an app.  Sonos supports these too.  For example, I use Microsoft Groove.  It offers the option to store music in Microsoft OneDrive, and then play it via the Groove app.  I can access this via Sonos too, and all my music collections, playlists etc are there.

- You can find a list of music services supported here.

Radio: Sometimes you'll want to listen to live Radio broadcasts.  This is achieved using 'TuneIn', and gives you access to thousands of global radio stations.  You can search for the one you want, or browse via various levels of categorisation.

Music & Podcasts on your device: Got music stored on your smartphone you want to play? No problem, you can access and play this too.  That includes podcasts.

Sonos has a range of other features and settings to play around with.  The Trueplay Tuning feature is quite interesting.  You set it going, the speakers play a varying tone, and you wave your phone around as you walk around the room.  The app uses the microphone on your phone to 'listen' to your rooms acoustics and optimises accordingly!

At the more mundane end of the spectrum, you can set alarms.

All in all the app and user interface is solid, easy to use and navigate, and lets you get on with enjoying your music, which is after all what this is all about.

I'll be doing more exploring soon, and I'm keen to see what other things I can achieve through integration.  Stay tuned!

Mark Lomas1 Comment