Tado Smart Radiator Thermostat Installation & Setup

Following on from my unboxing post, here, I want to show the process of installing and setting up a Tado Smart Radiator Thermostat.  It's a simple process, and gives you more fine-grain control over the heating in your home.

The process of installing a Tado Smart Radiator Thermostat is fairly easy. We certainly found it fairly painless.  There's no need to drain your central heating - water can't leak during installation.  The only exception to this will be in circumstances where you are installing it on a radiator that doesn't currently have a Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV).  The Tado kit is just the thermostat head, not the valve itself.  Installation of an entire new valve will require a central heating drain - so, only embark on that if you know what you're doing.  Otherwise, get a professional to do it.

In our case though, we have TRVs on most radiators in the house, so the process is easy.

The Tado app walks you through the whole thing, and broadly the steps break down like so;

  • Register the thermostat (scan the barcode on the device)
  • Remove the mounting bracket
  • Pull out the battery strip to activate the thermostat
  • Press the pairing button.
  • After pairing, remove the old thermostat head
  • Screw on the mounting bracket
  • 'Attach' the Tado Radiator thermostat to the mounting bracket, and twist it into place
  • Wait for calibration to complete
  • Add the thermostat to an existing Tado zone, or create a new one.

That's it!  Certain steps bear expanding on;

First, during registration - you scan a QR Code on a sticker on the device (also located inside the device too).  This sticker can be removed and attached to your reference card (you usually get one of these with a starter kit).  You can then write into the reference card which location the sticker is for - for future reference.

During pairing, it can take a few minutes for the app to recognise that the device has paired - some patience may be required!

The removal of the old thermostat head can vary.  In our case we were able to simply unscrew it.  Different types of valve install in different ways though.  Thankfully, there's a link inside the app to a Tado support page with more information.

When screwing on the mounting bracket, you may need to use an adapter.  Tado provide some of these in the box.  Hopefully, if you need one you'll be able to find one that works for you.  We were able to screw the mounting bracket directly on to the valve

Calibration is a variable-length process.  When you attach the Tado thermostat, the device will try to find the 'fully open', and 'fully close' points for that particular valve.  In some cases this may happen very quickly, in others in can take a few moments to complete.  You'll hear the motor inside the device operate a lot during this process.

With the installation complete, you're free to begin controlling your heating either inside the Tado app, or directly on the radiator thermostat head itself (the app is more usual).

I'll explore the full details of creating and using zones in a future video.  For now though, I hope that (and the video) has given you an insight into how easy this is to do.  I'll be back with more on how we're getting on with it all soon!