Tado Pricing Update

Things have changed following my last post. Tado have now changed their pricing policy to better reflect the ‘deal’ existing customers felt they were getting with their investment in Tado Smart Heating. Read more on the changes below.

In my previous post ‘Is Tado still worth it?’ I explored how Tado have introduced a subscription fee for their more advanced services. Dubbed ‘Auto Assist’, the more advanced automated features like location-based heating control would now be covered by a subscription of £2.99 a month.

This subscription fee would not be applicable to existing customers, unless you chose to upgrade to the new version of the app, introduced at the same time.

This left many existing Tado users upset. The idea that they had to choose between staying behind on an old version of the app, or upgrading into a paid for service didn’t really feel like it was the deal they were getting when they bought Tado. The idea was that the Tado services were just bundled in with the product. To change this left a sour taste with customers. Being able to stick with the old version was … OK … but, not what you expect from a Smart Home solution.

Tado have now changed their policy. Existing customers will now be able to upgrade to the new version of the app for a one-time fee of £/€19.99, and will receive the ‘Auto Assist’ capabilities free of charge.

Tado have posted an article on their own website, and you can read it here, but the most important extract to note is….

there will be no costs to use the Auto-Assist Skill for existing customers who upgrade from a V1, V2 or V3 product for as long as you are using tado°
— https://www.tado.com/t/en/updated-why-we-created-new-v3plus-products/

So, that’s pretty clear. It also means the only people who’ll be seeing a subscription fee, are new customers.

If you are in the market for a smart heating system, and are pondering your options, I still think Tado is worth serious consideration. Subscription fee aside, you’re going to save more than the cost of the subscription in energy costs, probably far more. Plus, the flexibility of Tado to support a rather sophisticated setup is excellent. The radiator controllers are an incredibly useful way to deliver room-by-room control (albeit you may wish to invest only in the rooms where you really need this).

I can also state at this stage that I feel Tado support is excellent. During our installation of a new boiler earlier in the year, we contacted Tado to help integrate the system with the new unit. Tado not only supported us, but produced a customized set of instructions on how to get everything working….. good service.

This new settlement with customers is how things should have been from the start. I’m comfortable paying a one-off fee, and I will be upgrading to the new app as soon as it becomes available to me. I’ll report back on how it works.