Tado Savings Report (October 2018)

I’m going to have a crack at committing myself to a monthly update on our Tado energy savings during the Winter. Since the Tado app gives you a report at the start of each month on how much you saved in the previous month, I’m going to use that to report back how effective the system is.

One of the key ideas of Smart Heating, is that it should save you energy and money. However working out just how much you’re saving can be difficult. Thankfully, many smart heating systems give you some form of report, and Tado is no different.

Every month, Tado gives you a report in the ‘Energy Savings Report’ section of the app. This shows you how you did last month, and records historical data too so you can review previous months.

Tado gives you an overall percentage saving estimate. It works out the saving based on geofencing (how many hours the system was in ‘away’ mode), Weather Adaptation, Open Window Detection, Smart Scheduling, and manual control (occasions when you manually turned the temperature down and therefore saved energy).

Of course, such an evaluation is always only ever an ‘estimate’. The system is trying to determine how much it saved you, but it can never say with 100% accuracy what your energy usage would have been with a more traditional heating controller.

That said, it’s still an interesting exercise to look at these figures, and then try to determine how much I’ve saved.

First, a quick look back at the historical data. I installed my first piece of Tado kit (the original starter kit with Smart Thermostat) back in November 2017. Since that was not a full month, we’ll ignore that and start with December.

In December 2017 the saving was 11.2%, January 2018: 17.3%, February 16.9%, March 19.2%, and April 26.5%. Then we head into Summer.

Some good figures there. Heading into this Winter, October has been the first full month where heating has been turned on, so what saving have we made?

Well, according to Tado, the saving was 8.9%, with 176 Hours of ‘away mode’, 89 hours of sunshine for weather adaptation, 7 open window detections, 9.6 hours per day smart schedule, and 2.2% manual control saving.

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However what does this look like in monetary terms? For that, we need to do some maths. In October, I spend £30.29 according to my energy bill. However, we also have to try to account for the money spent on gas usage for hot water, and cooking. For that, I looked to the summer months, and saw I was spending an average of £11.11 a month. If we take that away, we’re left with a heating bill of £19.18

Increasing that by 8.9% gives us a figure of £20.89

So, the saving for October was £1.71.

OK .. so this is hardly big news, but remember October is early Winter. As the months grow colder we’ll hopefully see a bigger impact. Remember those savings from last winter grew much higher too, so I’ll be hoping to replicate this.

It is worth noting what we would be saving if we were also paying for the Tado subscription of £2.99 a month. In that circumstance we’d have made a loss of £1.28. Not good.

We’ll have to see how things pan out over the next few months. We’ll be looking at things again for November, December, January, March and April and evaluate the savings. I have high hopes that we can beat the figure for this month!