Tado Savings Report (November & December 2018)

It’s time for an update on how Tado is getting on saving us money through Smart Heating. Here, I run through the savings we’ve made using the Tado system during November & December.

As you’ll remember from my Tado Savings report for the month of October, it wasn’t a great start, with pretty low savings. In fact, they were so low, that if we were also having to pay the Tado subscription fee, we’d have actually been worse off that month.

I’m happy to report though that for November and December, things were a lot better.

Starting with November, Tado reported a saving of 20.9%. This seems pretty good, so let’s do the maths!

  • Our gas bill was £72.48

  • Take away my estimate of £11.11 for non-heating related gas spend (hot water, gas cooking etc), and that gives us a heating bill of £61.37

  • With our saving of 20.9% our heating bill would have been £77.59

  • That’s a saving of £16.22

For reference, if I was having to pay the Tado subscription of £2.99, that would leave a saving of £13.23

So, that’s pretty good for November, a solid saving over the course of the month. How about December? Well here the Tado saving is a little lower, at 10.1%.

  • Our gas bill was £109.26

  • Minus non-heating spend leaves a heating bill of £98.15

  • Our Tado saving means we would have spent £109.18

  • Total saving: £11.03

Again, for reference, if we were having to pay the subs, it would be a saving of £8.04

Not as good as November here, but then during the December period we spent more time at home over the Christmas / Holiday period, and the heating was running more, so less opportunity for Tado to active ‘away’ mode or other saving features.

It will be interesting to see if this builds into a ‘trend’ over the course of January & February, which traditionally here in the UK also form some of the colder Winter months.

Of course I’ll try to keep things updated as new monthly reports come through from Tado. In the meantime, how are you doing with your own Smart Heating systems? Let me know in the comments!