Tado Savings Report (January 2019)

It’s time to update you on how things went in January saving money and energy using Tado! Sadly due to a billing glitch I can’t bring you the usual details, but the figures reported by Tado look good!

Sadly, we had a billing error crop up with our energy provider. Thus they refunded us the month of December, and then recalculated December and lumped it together with a single bill covering both that month, and January. This means I don’t have usage for the period of January specifically.

However, I can share with you the savings report as detailed by the Tado app. This shows;

  • Overall savings of 16.8%

  • Geofencing: 148 hours away mode

  • Weather Adaptation: 63 hours of sunshine

  • Open Window detection: 33 events

  • Smart Schedule: 9.1 hours per day energy saving temperature

  • Manual Control: 0.5% set manually to an energy saving temperature

Given what we’ve seen so far in previous Winter months this season, I’d say it’s highly likely we’ve saved money here, and that this would still be the case if we were having to pay the Tado subscription.

I’ll be back in February with another energy saving update! Hopefully then, we’ll also have full usage details to share too!

In the meantime, let me know how you’re getting on with your own smart heating setup, by dropping a message in the comments!