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Christmas Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Even though New Home Tricks is not a review site, I wanted to put together a gift guide.  The reason for this is that whilst buying Smart Home technology as a gift might seem a great thing to do, there can be a few pit-falls to look out for.  Read on for my guide on what to look out for when buying Smart Home tech as a gift!

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Top 100!

The point of this blog is to share my journey of making our home into a Smart Home.  As such, the focus is on that project, and not on the site itself.  That said, I'm extremely proud that we've already made it into the Feedspot top 100 Home Automation blogs.

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Starting Smart Entertainment

Whilst I'll be continuing with my smart lighting efforts, I thought it was a good time to get going with a new section for NewHomeTricks - Smart Entertainment.  Specifically, I'll be starting with Music.  In this post & video, I wanted to explore what a smart music system really is, and how it might differ from more basic solutions.

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