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Sonos Beam & Sonos One Overview

For my first update of 2019, I want to delve into some additions to our Sonos speaker setup. We’ve added a Sonos Beam, and a Sonos One to our setup. Both of these speakers are from a new generation of devices from Sonos that have some interesting and attractive new feature set. In fact, I’d go so far as to say outright: Don’t buy an Amazon Echo or Google Home device - go Sonos instead.

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Christmas Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Even though New Home Tricks is not a review site, I wanted to put together a gift guide.  The reason for this is that whilst buying Smart Home technology as a gift might seem a great thing to do, there can be a few pit-falls to look out for.  Read on for my guide on what to look out for when buying Smart Home tech as a gift!

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Discovering Alexa Skills

Skills are to voice assistants what apps are to smartphones.  They extend the capabilities of your smart voice assistant speaker so that it can do more.  Skills might let you control smart home tech, they might let you order takeaway, check the status of your car, or even simply guard your home!  In this post I explore a little about how it works.

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