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Philips Hue Bloom

Following the addition of some new bedroom furniture, we had need to add a little brightness to what could otherwise have been a rather dull space.  Thankfully, the right lighting helps, and the right smart lighting helps even more.  We've added a Philips Hue 'Bloom' to our Smart Home setup to improve things, and here I take a look at what it is, and what it does.

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Philips Hue to the Kitchen & Beyond Unboxing

It's time to expand our Philips Hue lighting again, and this time we're focussing on the Kitchen, and even outdoors! We got a haul of new Hue gear to do this, including Hue LED Lightstrips, a motion sensor, and Hue 'White' bulb - none of which we've had so far before. Here, I go through the unboxing to let you know what you get!

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