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Discovering Sonos Trueplay Tuning

Our Sonos speakers sounded great out of the box, but with Trueplay tuning they sound even better! In this post I explore how this feature works, and why everyone should do it.  However, I also outline how you might not be able to use this feature.  Read on...

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Sonos Setup

Our Sonos Play 1 speaker arrived!  So, it's time to run through setup, and here I share with you the experience of doing this, and the process of getting it up and running.  Also a few first thoughts on the unit are included.

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Starting Smart Entertainment

Whilst I'll be continuing with my smart lighting efforts, I thought it was a good time to get going with a new section for NewHomeTricks - Smart Entertainment.  Specifically, I'll be starting with Music.  In this post & video, I wanted to explore what a smart music system really is, and how it might differ from more basic solutions.

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