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Philips Hue Post-Setup quick thoughts

Following Part 1 and Part 2 of my Philips Hue Unboxing & Setup, I thought I'd share some quick thoughts.  This isn't a full 'review' of how I'm finding it so far, nor even a 'first impressions' write-up. Instead, just a few thoughts on the process...

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Philips Hue Unboxing & Setup Part 2

In this second part to my unboxing and setup of the Philips Hue lighting kit we acquired, I want to cover off how things have gone so far setting up the lights in our living room.  I also want to show you the Philips Hue Tap Wireless light switch. That will include an overview of setting it up...

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Philips Hue Unboxing & Setup Part 1

The Philips Hue kit I ordered (as mentioned in my post 'Starting Smart Lighting') arrived! I've unboxed it and set it up in our living room. I'd like to share with you how that went, with a few thoughts on the setup process and initial impressions...

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