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Tado Energy Savings Report

Having a Smart Heating system is great.  It controls your energy in better ways, offers greater control, and lets you adjust things like temperature and schedule much more easily.  However the biggest question is - does it save me energy & money?  Here, I explore a little on how you can see where you're saving.

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Tado Multi Zone Control

Having smart control over the heating for your home is good. Having control over each individual room is better!  Here, I explore how that works inside the Tado system we're using, and take a look at the control it gives you through the Tado app.

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Tado Smart Heating First Impressions & Tour

Now that we've had our Tado Smart Heating system installed for a little while, it's time to take a view on how the system works, and also have a bit of a tour round the user interface.  Here, I'll explore how we're getting on.

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