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Ring Video Doorbell Motion Detection

Having a video doorbell means not just seeing what's going on when someone rings.  It means you've got a camera at the front of your house that you can use to alert you to activity, and see what's happening.  Here, I run through how we're getting on with our Ring Video Doorbell Pro's Motion Detection feature.

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Ring Video Doorbell Pro Update

Not so much a review, but more of an update, on how we've been getting on with the Ring Video Doorbell Pro.  In this update I want to let you know how those 'quirks' we spotted during installation have panned out, and our experiences so far now that it's been installed for a few weeks.

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Ring Video Doorbell app User Interface tour

Now that our Ring Video Doorbell Pro is installed, I want to show you through the user interface of the app so you can get a better idea of what you can do.  Check out the video for the full tour, and my post below for a description of the functionality both in the iOS app, and Windows 10 app.

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