Hi! I'm Mark, and this is my website all about our journey to make our home into a Smart Home.

I'm pretty passionate about technology, and I've been 'into' computers and technology since my early teens.  So, kitting our house out as a smart home makes sense to me!

I've been told I explain things pretty well, so I hope that I can also speak to those of you who are not so technically minded.  After all, if smart technology has a future in homes, it needs to work for everyone, not just people who grew up using computers!

I have no connection to any smart technology companies, review sites, or news organisations.

This website is all about my journey toward making our home into a smart home.

It's a long term project and hobby, and one I wanted to share through this website, and my YouTube channel!

It's going to take some time, building out the smart technologies in the house, so stay tuned for updates on my progress!

The opinions and views expressed on this website are my own, and do not reflect the views of any other organisation with which I may be associated with.

The brands and trademarks referenced in blog posts and videos are the property of their respective owners.  They have no association with myself or my blog unless otherwise stated.


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